Let The Customer Be In Control
Create an incredible customer experience with self-ordering and checkout for greater resource efficiency and 30% more orders! Give more freedomto your customers and they’ll keep coming back!
  • No More Waiting in Lines

    Reduce waiting times with the option to order and check-out quickly. Which means you can serve a greater numberS of customers, adding up to more revenues.

  • Satisfied Customers

    Faster ordering keeps the customers happy with automatic menu changes, on screen promos and instant tickets.

  • Easy Order Editing

    Customers can change their order at any time

  • Cost Effectiveness

    You don’t need a large order-taking staff anymore because customers are doing it themselves. This also translates to greater order accuracy and thus, less wastage of food.

  • No Interruption in Sales

    No sale is lost as payments keep getting processed even without Internet