• Comprehensive Menu Reports

    Automatically track menu sales find out exactly how your sales are being impacted by your menu items. Identify the top menu groups, items, and modifiers. Discover your menu performance down to the time and day of week and easily identify your top and bottom sellers.

  • In-depth Sales Reports

    Get a comprehensive summary of all your transactions by time period, including net sales, total orders, turn time, all broken down into service types (dine in, takeaway, delivery etc.) and payment methods. Get an easily scannable overview of your restaurant’s performance on any given day or over a period of time. Restrategize smartly by drilling down category wise for better menu optimization and savings.

Employee Management

Effortless Tracking & Administration of Your Workforce
Leave it to Friday to monitor your employee activity with built-in features for advanced human resource management, and save precious dollars and hours.
  • Login & Swipe Cards

    Easy clock in/out with swipe cards and login PINs. Assign access rights to features, track data employee-wise and overall security improvement.

  • Payroll Management

    Automatically track working hours, overtime, set wages and export data easily for accounting.

  • Performance Evaluation

    Spot the tardy ones and reward the achievers with handy reports on who is performing how, with details of hours logged and commissions earned, right down to sales & profits percentage.

  • Permissions and Access

    Specific assignments for each worker, with access rights in your hands.

  • Employee Scheduling

    Maintain schedules for every employee based on activity forecasts. Toggle views between shifts, hours and wages. Email schedules directly.