As part of the installation process, we give you an excel sample sheet . That means Friday’s menu specialists already have developed menu structure which meets international market standards.

Our menu is divided into:

  • Categories” (e.g burgers, Sandwiches) which shows what you are offering.
  • Then further we have “Products” of each category e.g Burger: Chicken burger, Beef burger here burger is category and chicken burger is the product.
  • Each Product has it’s “Attributes” e.g may be you have small chicken burger and large chicken burger you can easily add the product attributes.
  • From customer’s point of view Offers enough choice to be satisfying, not to much as to be confusing or time consuming so our specialist make your products more customized you can give “Options” against each of the product e.g Burger: Chicken burger served with drink and sauces.
  • If you have choices for drinks you can also add them as “Option Value” e.g